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History of Acclaimed Mega Projects - by Muhammad Ashraf

***History of Some Mega Projects Claimed by PML-N***

**1.JF-17 Thunder: CATIC (China Aero Technology Import and Export Corporation) invited Pakistan to invest in the project in return of huge transfer of technology, Pakistan accepted and first flight was planned in 1996 but was delayed because Pakistan wished to upgrade the technology (Benazir Bhutto was the PM), in 1998 Pakistani PM’s visit to China resulted in the continuation of project. The comprehensive design was completed in 2001 and first flight was made at 25th August 2003, yes Nawaz Sharif accepted the the invitation to invest but main contribution was made by Pervez Musharaf.

**2.Motorway: M1- Islamabad-Pesha
wer: 155 Km(6 lanes) started in 1993 by a Turkish company Bayindar but it left the work incomplete in 1997. ( Benazir Was the PM), later on contract was re-awarded to PMC-JV in 2003 and completed in 2007. (Benazir Bhutto and Pervez Musharaf) (May be some months Nawaz Sharif)
M2-Islamabad-Lahore: 367 Km (6 lanes) Started in 1992 and Completed in 1997. (Nawaz Sharif 1 and Half Year/Benazir Bhutto 3 years)
M3- Pindi Bhatian- faisalabad: 54 Km (4 lanes) Started in 1999 and Completed in 2003. (Pervez Musharaf)
M4- Faisalabad-Multan: 233 Km (4 lanes) started in Aug-2009 to cont. (Under Construction) (PPP Gov’t)
M5- Multan - DG Khan: 80 Km (4 lanes) (Planned)
M6- DG Khan – Ratodero: 365 Km (4 lanes) (Planned)
M7 – Dadu-Hub: 270 Km (4 lanes) (Planned)
M8- ratodero – Gawadar: 892 Km (4 lanes) Started in 2004 , Partially Operational/Under Construction. (pervez Musharaf/PPP)
M9 – Hyderabad – Karachi: 136 Km (6 lanes) Started in 2011, Under Construction (PPP)
M10 – Karachi Northern Bypass: 57 Km (4 lanes) Started in 2002 and Completed in 2007. (pervez Musharaf)

**3. GAWADAR PORT: Pakistan’s interest started in Gawadar in 1954 when it engaged the United States Geological Survey to conduct a survey of it’s coastline. USGS identified Gawadar as a suitable site for seaport. On 8th September 1958 pakistan purchased the Gawadar enclave from Oman for $3 Billion, Gawadar was property of Oman for 200 years. Only feasibility studies were done during the tenure of PMLN’s Government. Construction of Phase-I started in 2002 and competed in 2006 december, yes credit goes to Musharaf not to Nawaz Sharif. Phase-II construction started in 2007 (PPP Gov’t). I must say credit goes to Feroz Khan Noon (Republican Party) who purchased the Gawadar...

**4.Atomic Power: I will give credit to Zulfikalr Ali Bhutto who bagan focusing on Nuclear weapons in 1972, Munir Ahmad Khan was chosen as the Chairman of PAEC, a man who was working as a director in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Veinna, Austria. Dr.Abdul Salam was the other scientist who joined PAEC in 1972, Dr.Abdul Qadeer joined PAEC later in 1976. Even Dr.Qadeer is not the only man who worked at this project but still he takes the credit. There are hundreds of other soldiers. The contribution of nawaz Sharif is only that he was Prime Minister when PAEC detonated nuclear devices at Ras Koh Hills (Chagi-I) and Kharan Desert (Chagi-II). To all those who believe that Nawaz Sharif was the man of guts, have you ever listened to Dr. A.Q. Khan “Nawaz Sharif to patakha bhi nhi phor sakta tha wo dhmaka kia karta”.

**5.Restoration of Juditiary: Can anyone signify the justice in the Pakistan. Humans are being murdered for no reason, robbery has become hobby, thievery has become recognition, injustice has become profession, corruption has become faith.... still we are shouting “Munsaf-e-aala”.. (is mulk main munsaf-e-aala se lay kar mujram-e-adnaa tak her shaks mulzim hay)... Can anyone specify any remarkable performance of “Restored Judiciary”.. Furthermore Nawaz Sharif was not the only person who struggled for this issue, whole Pakistan was involved...

**6.Ghazi Brotha Dam: The feasibility report was prepared during the first tenure of Benazir Bhuto's administration and the Government of Pakistan entered into an agreement for the financing and construction of the project on 7th March 1996
Delays, including project funding, labour disputes and contractor payments, were a problem throughout construction. In September 1997, the project stalled as the Pakistan government had not matched funding by the donor companies, due to government deficit cutting measures prompted by the IMF. Some of the plans for bridges and culverts associated with the project had to be abandoned.
In 2001 the World Bank, which is one of the main sponsors for the project, threatened to withdraw funding. However it was completed in 2003. I don’t know whay Nawaz Sharif is trying to get the credit of ghazi barotha dam.

**7.Chashma Nuclear power Plant: Phase-I: 300MW, In 1991 China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) made contract with PAEC to build CHASNUPP-1. Construction commenced on 1st August 1993 (Moeenuddin Ahmad Qureshi was PM of Pakistan), reactor went into commercial operation on 25th Sep, 2000. [here is some contribution of Nawaz Sharif]
Phase-II: 325 MW, Started in 2005 and completed in 2011 (Musharaf/PPP)

**8.Metro Bus: People are dying of hunger, graduates are unemployed, country is badly suffering through energy crisis.. Dear Shahbaz Sharif today you say that “Energy crisis hurting country more than terrorism”, hell to bald heads, do sincere and sensible leaders concentrate on welfare states or rapid buses???

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