Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Are We in Our Senses?? by Fraz Naqvi

Are We in Our Senses???????

In a country where Zardari has been the elected president for 5 consecutive years, where Miyan saab is a 3rd time prime minister whose Assets grew 3600 Times in 10 years after he entered politics, where not even a single parliamentarian fits in the description of Article 62 & 63 of the constitution, where local body elections have not  been held in 7 years, violating the constitution, where Black Economy is more than 10 times the total budget of the country, where Parliamentarians, industrialists, bureaucrats, judges and generals all are Billionaires but none of them Pays even 1 % of the Tax.
   Where Corruption, Munafiqat, Cheating, Adultery, Badmaashi are the National Traits, a society which is filled with sex perverts, rapists, blackmailers, religious fanatics, extremists, liberal fascists n bla bla bla, where doctors are the killers and politicians are the looters and Godfathers of corruption, where bureaucrats are  either puppets or themselves the gangsters.
   Where extra judicial murders are a routines, where bribe is the order of the day for common man at markets, courts, govt offices etc, where nepotism is the main selection criteria for jobs and appointments, where maulvis are the child molesters, where innocents are killed in the name of islam, where everyone is a victim of terrorism, may it be state terrorism, taleban terrorism, maulana terrorim or media terrorism.
   Where killers and rapists are pardoned again using Islamic laws, where Mob Mentality drives people crazy up to the limit that innocents are publicly tortured to deaths and no one is punished, where security guards kill the persons they are guarding and there are people who not only publicly defend them, rather arrange red carpet arrangements for their court hearings, and where despite the confessions, courts are unable to punish the convicted out of fear.
   Where elections are rigged, votes are purchased, roads are blocked and public / private property is damaged in the name of protests, where being a minority is a symbol of poverty and lack of equal rights and being a minority sect is a Death Certificate... 

  In such a country, we want to Hang a Traitor who is Former Army Chief, former president and whose Era was Better as Compared to ANY other leader in the History of the country, who is neither corrupt, nor a tax evader, neither his Son is playing havoc with innocent girls' lives, nor he has a hereditary corrupt state within a state in his name .... and on what charge??? that he bypassed the SACRED CONSTITUTION????????????????? 
I mean, Really???
 Are We in Our Senses???????

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