Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mujeeb Family- Hatred for Pakistan and Love for India

An excellent insight of recent Bangladesh issue
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Quotable Quotes by Hasan Nisar

Quotable Quotes

Pak India Relations - Trade - Electricity and Reality

Bharat se Tijarat magar Brabri k sath bhai

Is Pakistan a Failed State.. Nai bhai...

Is pakistan a failed state?
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Miyan Saab and N League ki Class by Klara

Miyan saab ki class by Klasra

N Leagues Stance on Bangladesh Hostilities against JI Leaders

Bangladesh mai Zulm..

Unique Pic.... Interesting

Altaf bhai, pehlay pakistan mai rehtay thay :P
Unique Picture...

Tourism in Pakistan - Nice take by Javed Chaudry

Tourism ideas by javed ch

Biased decisions of Bangla War Crime Tribunal - JI and PAk must react

Bangladesh War Crime Tribunal

PTI and KPK Govt - Excellent Analysis

pti in kpk
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Malala - A different perspective, Neither Talebani nor Secular

Different perspective on malala
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Dukh, Rog, Sog ya Matam karen.. kia karen?

Dukhi hasan nisar

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bangladesh aur Pakistan

Bangladesh k musalmano pe zulm
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Ltr to Malala by Taliban Part 2

Don't agree with the last part

Apney bhe peechay nai rehtay!

Informative piece

Abhe aur Lahoo Behna hai...

Nicely written article by a young columnist

Ye to Zardari k bhe baap niklay!

India ne kia pila diya miyan saaab ko?
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Chiefs ki Tabdeeli-- Shayed kuch Tabdeel ho jaye

Change of Chiefs and President
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An Impressive Column by Chacha Kuppi!!

Myan saab pe decent tanqeed
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Clarifications by Hamid Mir

Bakwas writing skills of Hamid Mir...

Interesting Bayanat...

Interestng Baten... by Shair Aya...

Gunahon pe Parda----- Impressive

Exposing Dirty Sahafat

Logical Points - Pakistani Ban'na parey ga bhai..

Altaf Hussain k liye thori c support

Letter to Malala by Taliban - Dunya NEWS

Taliban letter to Malala in original shape
A Must READ......................